Founded in 2007, Mirage Pool Services is owned and operated by Carrie and Andrew Johnstone. The core principle of the company is to offer high-quality, personal, luxury pool service.  We offer reliable, honest, and knowledgeable pool service while delivering excellent customer service and dependable, quality work. As the premier luxury pool maintenance company in the area, Mirage Pool Services is dedicated to providing all of your pool service needs.  

Carrie Johnstone

With a degree in English and Comparative Religion from Texas Christian University, Carrie seemed an unlikely fit as a swimming pool service company owner. However, with a lifelong love of learning, Carrie immersed herself in learning about water chemistry, pool equipment, and maintenance until she felt comfortable helping new pool owners learn how to care for their new swimming pool. After her very first pool school, the new pool owner asked Carrie to stay on and take care of their pool every week. From this, Mirage Pool Services was born. Carrie now takes care of the back end of the office, while Andrew is in the field daily, making sure the pools are in top shape and the clients are happy.

Andrew Johnstone

Andrew Johnstone joined the company in 2014 and quickly became an expert on chemistry and automation. Andrew has an accounting degree from Texas State University and previously worked for Verizon in business sales to help companies automate their businesses. His analytical mind and desire for perfection drives him to stay on top of the new equipment released and to ensure your experience with Mirage Pool Services is exceptional. 

Andrew is certified with the NPC (National Plasterers Council) and follows their guidelines for startups and takes great pride in providing detailed pool schools for new pool owners. His extensive knowledge of chemistry and programming keeps him in high demand with quality pool builders and pool owners. His number one goal is to protect the THOUSANDS of dollars you’ve spent on your pool and equipment and to make sure you are pleased with our service.

Carrie and Andrew both hold their Residential Appliance and Installers License which is a requirement in the state of Texas, in order to do any electrical work on pool equipment. 

Relax… We’ll do the work for you